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Going back to making games: Chess

It's been more than one and a half years, after I attempted to convert my thoughts and creation into a blog post. It failed as I stopped in the middle of description. After all this time, and working for more than an year in Google, the fire to chase my passion is lit again. I am picking up right from where I left, Chess AI.

This time I am skipping source control for now as I am the only person working on this thing. I will just share my thought process.

Chess Concept The idea is to first repeat what is already been done in the area of chess programming. Once, we are familiar with existing implementations, it will be a good time to add new ideas. The goal for now is to create a chess game which will run on a website or an android app, and there will be two aspects of this game: friends can play with each other and you can play with the AI. This feels all dumb, as there are a million apps doing the same. To cope with that, I am going to add a twist, which I am sure has never been …

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